2021 Gotham Ducati Desmo Owners Club Track Day


Gotham Ducati Desmo Owners' Club Track Day will take place on Monday, May 24th 2021 at New York Safety Track in Harpersfield New York, about a 2.5 hour drive Northwest of New York City. This will be a small gathering of Ducatisti and Ducati riders, and we will cap the day at 60 riders, so this might be the most open track you see all season long.  

Payment will be refundable up to 30 days prior to the event. NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE AFTER APRIL 24th! 

*Payment in-full will be required to save your spot.  No down payments or promises to pay will be accepted.  

**(PayPal requires the selection of "friends and family" payment.  If you fail to do this, you will be responsible for paying PayPal's service fee)

Bike: Ducati motorcycles are recommended, but not required, and while we encourage you to register to be a Desmo Owners Club member, our track day is open to friends and family as well, with all makes of motorcycle welcomed.  However, you will be required to secure and prep your bike.  All bikes must pass a mandatory safety inspection prior to being allowed out on the track, with mirrors / glass covered (a roll of painter's tape will be handy). 

Gear: On the track you will be required to wear at all times a: 
  • a full-faced helmet
  • gauntlet style gloves (over the wrist)
  • over the ankle boots, 
  • a back protector 
  • a full riding suit.  Your suit can be one-piece or two, but two-piece suites must zip together
  • Air vests are recommended but not required (NYST sells vests, or you can check out offerings from Dainese and Alpine Stars). 
A more complete track day pack list will be circulated to registered attendees, but we strongly suggest you bring sunglasses, earplugs, lots of water and snacks. 
Many track day regulars purchase a pop up canopy tent and camp chairs as well. 

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