Desmo Northwest Ducati Owners Club


We are a group of passionate Ducati owners and riders in the Seattle and Bellevue area of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest. Our club, Desmo Northwest (DNW), has been the DOC in the Seattle area for many years. We committed to maintaining our affiliation and status as a DOC so that we may better serve the needs of current and future Ducati owners and the needs of our local Ducati dealers. We have an active membership group who enjoy group events and rides, touring, and track days. Please come join us and be part of the Seattle area's affiliated Ducati Owners Club and enjoy getting the most from your Ducati ownership experience.

Duval, Washinton
United States
Filip Hantson

Desmo Northwest Ducati Owners Club

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  1. Who would I get in touch with for help selling my Vintage Ducati's
    I really want to do the transactions myself
    Thanks Dennis