Gotham Ducati Code of Conduct

Gotham Ducati Code of Conduct

Gotham has 3 foundational principles.  Members are required to love Ducati, New York City and appreciate Italian motorcycles, and everyone who shares these is welcomed to join and share in an inclusive community of riders. 

There are only 3 things that are unwelcome in the club: politics, sex or gore

No politics:  You are entitled to whatever opinions you have about government, but please keep political opinions off of club channels (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc).  

No sexism/racism: We are an officially sanctioned arm of Ducati, and treat all members with respect. Lewd photos or comments that could make members uncomfortable are not welcome. 

No gore: Motorcycling is a dangerous hobby, and sometimes can lead to catastrophic accidents.  Graphic, especially gratuitous depictions of accidents / snuff videos do not belong on club channels.

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